Samsung Galaxy A8 Officially Launched with Infinity Display

December 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When we first heard about Infinity Display from Samsung, we were pretty sure that it would eventually be seen on both Galaxy S8 and Note 8 devices. But Samsung appears to have had broader plans, as the company has now revealed the Galaxy A8 smartphone in its homeland with the same display technology.

Of course, the A8 is definitely no flagship as compared to the S series and Note series. So you can naturally expect a small scaling down, which in this case relates to reduced resolution and lack of curved display. With a resolution of 1080×2220 pixels, the 5.6-inch display in Galaxy A8 comes with the absence of curves, or the so-called ‘Edge’ as it was in Galaxy S8 and Note 8.



The same is the case with the bigger 6-inch display that’s used in the Plus edition of A8. However, Samsung has retained the Super AMOLED screen in the device, giving an upper edge to the device over its predecessor.

Infinity Display is not the sole highlight of the 2018 edition of the device. In fact, the Galaxy A8 is also making news by being the first from Samsung with front-dual cameras. The rear-side will still have a single 16MP sensor, but on the front, the A8 features a dual- shooter with 16MP and 8MP resolution.

On the hardware front, the Galaxy A8 packs some decent power with an octa-core processor with a maximum clocking of 2.2GHz for two cores. The A8 will feature a RAM/ROM combo of 4GB/32GB, whil the A8 Plus will have the combo upped to 6GB/64GB. In addition, both the devices will also have support for storage expansion via SD card.

Pricing and other details are yet to be out. We can expect more details in CES, where it will be officially making its global debut.

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