Instagram is Now Letting Testers Early-Access Features with New Alpha Program

December 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It has never been easy accessing upcoming features in Instagram. That was because there wasn’t any pre-testing program for the image hosting app apart from the beta test it ran on select cases. But that’s about to change.

Early adopters would soon have the chance to enjoy features and changes in Instagram much before it gets featured in the stable app. The company has revealed that it’s setting up an Alpha testing program through which it would roll out new features for testing to developers and alpha-testers.

The Alpha program of the app will stand different to the beta program, which it kick-started two years ago. With the program, testers and users will be able to enjoy features and additions even before they hit the beta version. There could be a few hiccups although.

Indeed, stability issues would be there. But on top of that, there’s also no word on whether you would be testing the features that would eventually make its way to the beta or stable platform. Chances are high for alpha features getting discarded along its course, so testers should be keeping that in mind.

Though Instagram hasn’t yet officially announced the launch of the program, a spokesperson has mentioned that the beta and alpha programs would be utilized to collect broader feedback from the community.

The Alpha program will be available on both Android and iOS unlike the beta program of Instagram that remains confined to Android. However, admission to the iOS program seems to have been already closed. As with Android, users can join this Google Group, followed by their registration on the Instagram testing program on Play Store.

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