Here’s How to Get Your Gmail Account Linked with Cortana on a Windows 10 Device

December 15, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft’s Cortana wouldn’t be the first name that appears in your mind when speaking of digital assistant. But Microsoft is constantly upping the battle against the leading digital assistant. The latest of such efforts from the company should definitely get many delighted.

Microsoft has revealed that Cortana can now be integrated with Gmail on a Windows 10 machine. With this, Cortana will now be able to access information directly from your Gmail account so as to let you scroll through mails, contacts, and calendar records from your Google account using Cortana.

To get the service enabled, simply add Gmail as a Connected Service on Cortana in your Windows 10 device. Users must ensure that they are running the latest build version of Windows 10 on their system. Additionally, also make sure that you have enabled Cortana for voice and typing services.

Once checked, head to the Connected Services option that can be found under the Cortana Notebook section in the Cortana Window. You will be able to see the Add a Service button, clicking on which you could select Gmail to hitch the digital assistant with your Gmail. The final step is to gran the permissions that follows.

Users can also disconnect their Gmail account from Cortana anytime using the Disconnect button. However, Cortana will still continue to access information from your account until the permissions are revoked, which can be done through Google’s My Account Site.

In addition to Windows 10 PCs, Gmail can also be integrated to Cortana-powered Harman Kardon Invoke speakers that were introduced last month. With that Cortana is adding up its connected services that already features a few useful service like LinkedIn and Knowmail in addition to the native services of Microsoft.

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