Google Reveals Trio of New Apps Dedicated for Photography

December 14, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is upping the photography experience on smartphone with the launch of not just one, but three new apps. Storyboard, Selfissimo! And Scrubbies form the trio of apps that are getting launched. While Storyboard and Scrubbies will be limited to Android and iOS users respectively, the Selfissimo! app will be made available on both platforms.

Storyboard, like the name suggest, creates a comic-styled storyboard by randomly pulling out six frames from a snapped video. New layouts and frames can be added by simply refreshing the tailored template. Google claims that it has made available over 1.6 trillion combinations.

Scrubbies, which is exclusive to iOS, lets users remix videos to create video loops by simply ‘scrubbing’ back and forth through a clip like a DJ. While it cannot be called an ultra-productive app, it still manages to bring out some fun with video editing.

The last of the lot, Selfissimo! – which is available on both platforms, works like an automated photo booth in your device. Selffissimo! will encourage people to take selfie snaps in different snaps by capturing a selfie every time you stop your moving. Users can move around for different random poses, and the app will automatically capture your selfie image once it detects a pause in your movement.

The apps are a part of Google’s ‘appsperiments’ program that was recently launched by the company. It follows the path set by Motion Stills, which used technology in development upon its launch. Similarly, the new sets of apps too are built on experimental technology, but with an assurance of offering fully functional software.

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