Instagram is Rolling Out a Dedicated App to Handle Your Direct Messages

December 13, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instagram is following the path of its parent platform Facebook. The image hosting app is now working on a dedicated app for messaging which will let users handle all their Direct messages in their account through a standalone app.

The app is currently being rolled out on a test basis on Android and iOS to the markets of Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay. It will be followed by its global roll out including the markets of the US and the UK probably even before the end of this year.

The app in its current form offers a simple interface with quick access to segments including profile, new messages, and camera. Gesture actions can be utilized to quickly switch between the segments including quick access to Instagram app.

Swiping right to the screen will reveal the Direct logo at present. But we believe that could be replaced by the time it gets rolled out globally, hopefully with a new feature that could prove useful to many. The camera also features four filters, all of those which are already available on the main app.

Facebook introduced the dedicated Messenger service a few years back, following which it also decided to force its users to install the standalone app to access Messages. It needs to be seen whether Instagram will follow the same path by cutting off the access to Direct messages from the main app. That remains more likely, particularly with the separation prospected to offer a wider base of users to the app.

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