Chrome Gets More Secure with Latest Version; Chrome Home Roll Out Soon

December 13, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chrome is becoming more secure on the mobile platform. Version 63 of Chrome has now hit the stable channel release, offering new security features particularly aimed at the corporate market.

The highlight is the addition of new feature called site isolation, which will help bring down the spread of malicious codes from one site to another. Until now, Chrome has distinguished tabs by dedicating each as a single process. However, they still shared in-case the processes are related to each other.

The introduction of site isolation will ensure that the sharing is restricted. This will help prevention of malicious code spreading within webpage. Additionally, it will also up the stability of the browser by ensuring that a site-crash doesn’t affect the overall working of the browser.

Additionally, Chrome 63 will also allow administrators to block extensions depending on the requirements. This will let the administrators block those extensions that demand more resources and also access to system files, etc. Google has also started deploying TLS 1.3 protocol that enables secure communication between the browser and server. Currently, the protocol is enabled only for Gmail, but it will sure get expanded to more by next year.

Apart from upping the security, Google is also laying the foundation for the global rollout of the Chrome Home feature. New flags are being added related to the new interface, including the ones that introduce Chrome Home to users. Additionally, flags are also present for users opting out of the Chrome Home. We could see the feature get turned on by default in the coming updates.

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