Google Rolls Out Lighter Version of Android Oreo for Budget Smartphones

December 7, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Back during its I/O conference, Google has promised to deliver a lighter version of its latest Android iteration for the low-end smartphones. Google is fulfilling its promise now with the launch of Android Go, which has already started rolling out to developers and manufacturers.

Android Go is built on Android Oreo, but will come optimized for the smartphones that feature less than 1 GB of RAM. Optimization for devices with lesser RAM can be a daunting task, given the massive RAMs that are being used in high-end devices lately. But Google is doing the trick by enabling the GO versions of its apps in the Android Go edition.

Google has rolled out a slew of Go version of its apps including Google app, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube Go etc. Besides, data saver options, these apps also comes optimized for reducing the storage consumption. However, that comes at the cost of longer load-times. Given the target devices, saving space and data would remain a priority compared to load times.

Additionally, Android Go would also feature the recently launched Datally app that helps people to access all the data saver options under a single hood. It will also optimize apps individually, like in the case of Chrome, Google will reduce file sizes by running it through a server before it reaches your device.

Google has clarified that Android Go will remain distinct from the Android One project, the latter which is being delivered with manufacturer tie-ups. Android One follows a Nexus eco-system, where both Google and the manufacturer has the say in deciding the updates and contents of the OS.

As with Android Go, the OS will be a fully packed version that will be rolled out to developers, who can have additional modifications. Due to this very fact, we cannot expect Android Go to hit devices right away as it will require the touch of developers before it appears for the target devices.

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