Google Photos New Update Reveals What to Expect Next

December 5, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has started rolling out its latest update for Google Photos that adds a new light navigation bar on Pixel devices. Additionally, new text selection functionality has also been included in the Google Lens. But those aren’t the only features that were being worked upon by Google for its new update.

An APK teardown of Google Photos v3.1 reveals that Google is working upon additional features, which might get activated with the coming updates. It includes features like object removal, 4K capture and faster processing of images.

Google has previously demonstrated its object removal ability from images back at I/O 2017. The machine learning capability helps to erase all the unwanted or obstructing objects from your frame without altering the quality of the final output.

At that point of time, Google revealed that the feature will be added soon. With new references being added to the coding, it seems like the feature is all set to get rolled out in the coming days.

There is also an indication that Google would be adding 4K-capture as indicated by the new capture settings. Additionally, Google is also said to be working on improving the processing time of images by making better use of the GPU.

Google Photos will also be deploying more of the Google Assistant services by letting users to create new themed movies from images. The feature currently let users to select up to 50 images for threading together as a movie, and those can be edited with the application of frames, filters and background music.

The new feature is said to be bringing in themed categories to relieve users from the task of adding filters and music to individual images. Google is also said to be working on a feature that will create movies based on faces.

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