Google New App Will be Your Ally in Solving All Your Data Woes

December 4, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google already has deployed many measures to bring down data consumption in Android through in-built features. And now, it’s launching a new app entirely dedicated for the same on Android platforms.

Called Datally, the new app from Google will let users tackle down data consumption by making them better aware of the app and time based consumption of data. Apart from highlighting the consumption, Datally will also suggest you the ways to bring down that consumption based on your usage and activity.

Datally will also help you get hitched to a nearby Wi-Fi connection if available. Additionally, the app also features a big button at the top of the screen that will cut down all the background consumption of data on your device.

Not that these weren’t available in Android until now, but Google’s app provide a single space to get all the tasks done related to data consumption and management. This should help users skip the menacing task of going through distinct tabs of the settings to get the task done.

In case you don’t want to block the entire background data consumption, you can also opt for the complete list of apps to let you select the ones you want to deny the access to background data. Users will be alerted of the data consumption through a pop-up chat-head styled bubble. This will reveal the data being consumed by the app that is being run at the moment.

The app is a part of Google’s Next Billion Users initiative that prioritizes on bolstering Google products in markets where data connections are limited. Prior to the launch of Datally, Google has also launched a storage management app targeting the emerging markets.

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