Microsoft Soon to Test ‘Sets’ to Tab Apps in Windows 10

December 1, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is set to reintroduce the ability of working in tabs, this time with a set of apps that can be set by the user. Called Sets, the new feature is expected to be tested soon to let users tab their apps based on their choice to easily organize running apps under a single tab.

Users will be given the ability to create multiple ‘Sets’ in Windows 10, most of which are likely to be tabbed based on a specific task. Say you are searching for resources in web browser for your files in an Office suite, and Sets will let you put all those related apps and windows in a single tab to distinguish it from the rest. A universal search bar will be present alongside for users to swiftly access files and other stuff.

Tabbing remains one of the most requested feature in File Explorer, with over 20,000 voting in favor of its introduction. However, Microsoft isn’t in a rush to get the feature activated, as Sets will initially be rolled out on a test basis in the coming days. There is no specific timeline for its launch as of now.

Additionally, Sets will be available only for Windows 10 Universal Windows Apps during its initial phase. This does include apps like Edge and Office. Microsoft will be gradually expanding the feature to other apps including the likes of File Explorer, Notepad and apps from third-party developers.

To get more of the latter into the feature, Microsoft is also enabling Sets for multiple platforms including iOS and Android similar to how it’s doing with the Timeline feature. Users will be able to create Sets on their smartphones and resume the work from Windows 10 with the support for multi-platform.

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