Google wants to Shame Those Who Peek into Your Smartphone

December 1, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The world of technology is striving forward to bolster privacy of users with their devices, and that’s more pivotal in the case of smartphones. We have seen many technologies being implemented to hinder strangers’ access to smartphones. Now, Google is leaping ahead in that matter with a new technology backed by AI.

Researchers from the company have now developed an artificial intelligence tool that will alert you if someone is taking a sneak peek at your screen. And that’s not when if someone gets access to your device, but when someone has a glance at your smartphone without your knowledge by looking over your shoulder.

The feature, called e-screen protector, is still in the research phase and there’s no word on whether it will eventually show up in any of the upcoming Android versions. But a demo video shows how effective the technology is in identifying the sneak peak of a stranger.

Researchers claim the technology to work in any lighting conditions to tag the person sneak peeking person within mere two milliseconds. Users once caught will be shown in the display with an alert and a rainbow-puke tag.

Most importantly, the e-screen protector doesn’t require any additional sensors to function, as all it makes use of is the front cam of your device. Images gathered will be processed with face and gaze detection algorithm to catch the person spying on your smartphones red-handed.

This is one of the many tools that have been brought forward by Google using its TensorFlow Lite software. We have already seen one of its applications in identifying numbers and addresses automatically when copying and pasting texts to suggest quick replies. Collectively, these tools could play a bigger role with the backing of the powerful AI that’s being used.

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