Microsoft Office Making Its Way Onto Chromebooks through Play Store

November 30, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is formally making its Office suite available for all the Chromebook users. Office is now available to all Chromebook users through Google Play Store, though not all of them will be able to grab the free version.

Office Android apps will be available free only to users with specific devices, while the rest of the Chromebook users will have to subscribe to the Office 365 to access the apps. But that should seldom bother the users, as they could finally get hold of the office suite from Microsoft in addition to the office productivity software offered by Google.

Prior to the official entry, Microsoft Office was reported to be available for some Chromebook users through the beta version of Play Store. The entry follows an earlier announcement from Microsoft which confirmed the works for full Android version of Microsoft Office to all compatible devices.

It’s to be noted that the announcement was made when Google Play for Chromebook exited beta last year, right when it made Chrome OS capable of supporting fully fledged Android applications.

Google has went on to expand the app support across the Chromebook devices including the latest batch of products with Chrome OS. But any update from Microsoft left users wondering whether the company would fulfil its promises. But thankfully, those worries can now be given a rest.

Microsoft Office will still be facing compatibility issues with older Chromebooks, given its limited ability to run Android apps. Besides, users are also required to have devices with screen sizes of 10.1-inches to the least to have the Office suites ticking in their devices.

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