Facebook Using AI Technology to be More Reactive to Suicidal Posts

November 30, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook, being an open platform, is never void of user posts that deal with suicidal thoughts. The social media platform had until now relied on user reports to bring such posts under attention and do the rightful. But it’s now resorting to artificial intelligence to speed up things.

The company has revealed a new proactive detection AI technology that will go through all posts for patterns of suicidal thoughts, the detection of which will trigger subsequent actions including sending mental health resources to the user at risk or their friends and contacting local first-responders.

By adopting this new move, Facebook will be able to quickly detect posts with such tendencies than from waiting for user reports to detect such posts. This will help the platform to cut-down the time, and help save a life in serious cases.

Additionally, Facebook is deploying measures to prioritize particularly risky or urgent user reports so as to bring it under the attention of human moderators swiftly. New tools will be added to make use of local language resources and first-responder contact info.

Besides, Facebook is also fostering human moderators by providing training to them on how to deal with cases 24/7. The company has tied up with more than 80 partners across the globe for better mutual use of its networks.

Despite the promise of putting the service to good use, Facebook’s new technology is generating worries with its methodology of constant scanning of the post contents.

This particular aspect has kept the feature off the European bay, with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation laws hindering the technology from scanning sensitive information. Except for the EU, the feature is being rolled out across the globe including the US.

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