Latest Update for Pixel Launcher Takes Original Pixel Closer to Its Successor

November 25, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones have received the upgrade to Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview build last month. But it seldom helped the device play catch-up with its successor. However, Google hasn’t given up, as a result of which the devices are now receiving a new update to take it closer to Pixel 2.

With the latest update, Pixel Launcher will now be showcasing a new rounded Search bar called ‘Google Bar’ widget, which will be seen on the bottom of the home screen. The typical G alphabet will be accompanying the feature to the left of the screen, as spotted by a Redditor. Search bar will still remain across the home screens as is the case with the dock.

Additionally, Pixel Launcher is also receiving a new app drawer that features support for enhanced search. This will let users surf through additional details including history apart from just searching for apps.

Both the features will be updated via server. So you don’t have to push for any update in the app store, but patience is the key. It would still demand more for Pixel to catch-up with what’s offered by the successor. But the changes are certainly welcome.

The above said features come in addition to the refinements Google has rolled out during the launch of Pixel 2. Those included the ‘at a glance’ feature that appeared at the top of the home screen to display alerts about upcoming events, traffic, flight statuses and more. Google has also announced that the search bar will be pushed down the screen, even below the dock.

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