WhatsApp’s Next Effort is to Add Call Switching and Hands-Free Recording Features

November 23, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Many would think that WhatsApp has finally got saturated with the updates it have received over the period, adding in all the anticipated and long-talked features. But that’s not the case, as the company is now working on new features, most of which you might not expect in the first place in an instant messenger app.

A couple of features being currently worked upon have been spotted by beta watcher WABetaInfo. The first of those is aimed at adding the ability to switch the type of calls in between, while the other focuses on making voice recordings easier than before.

The ability to switch between video and voice calls in midst of a call was initially spotted being tested back in July. With this feature, users will be seamlessly able to switch between video and voice calls without the need of ending the ongoing call to make the switch. Screenshots released also reveals that the other user will have to consent to the request in the case of a voice call being switched to video call.

Additionally, a new feature has also been spotted being tested that brings in new functionality to the voice message button. Once you start recording a voice message, a new toggle will now pop up that will let users continue their recording even if taking their hands off the button. This will certainly be of use to those frequently sending out voice messages and in sending long voice messages through the app.

Both the features were spotted in WhatsApp for Android beta, but were kept as hidden in-order to keep it off the reach of end users. So it’s still not sure whether WhatsApp will have the features available in the stable version of the app before the year ends.

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