YouTube is Rolling Out Pinch-to-Zoom Feature to Make Use of the Entire Display

November 22, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

YouTube for Android is finally adding that handy feature which many users have been craving for. A new zoom feature in the app is now being introduced that will now let users zoom the video by just pinching the screen, similar to how you do with images as well as videos in some media players available on Android.

YouTube has initially rolled out the pinch-to-zoom feature to Pixel 2 XL users with the 12.40 version of the app. But now, it’s coming down to more devices including those with 18:9 aspect ratio. This will help users to make use of the extra width of their screens by edging out the black bars at the edges of their 18:9 display.

Until now, users were not able to watch videos in full screen as YouTube, like most other streaming sites, offered only contents in 16:9 aspect ratio. Videos will continue to be played in the same aspect ratio, but it can be swelled to cover the entire screen now.

This applied even for high-end devices with 18:9 aspect ratio including Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and the LG V30 smartphone. Earlier this month, YouTube had added full-screen viewing support for the iPhone X device through an iOS app update.

Additionally, the latest version also adds a new Activity tab from where users will be able to access and control notifications. Videos can also be swiped to get it deleted from your created playlists in the new version.

The update will be rolling out gradually, as we still spot v12.45.54 up in the Play Store page of YouTube. So you will have to wait in order to enjoy the new pinch-to-zoom feature in your device. For those who cannot wait, you can get YouTube version 12.444.52 from APKMirror.

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