Samsung Chromebook Convertible with Detachable Keyboard in the Works

November 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android optimization for tablets has remained at sluggish pace, and will remain so in the coming days going by the way the Chromium Repository has been evolving. Many companies have now switched to the Chromium Repository to offer convertible Chromebooks, and it now appears that the latest one to make the jump will be Samsung.

Changes to the code of a device codenamed Nautilus were earlier spotted last month, and it seems now that the developers are none other than the South Korean behemoths. A shift to the Chromium Repository comes at the right time, given that Samsung has been following the likes of Google with regard to its tablet segment.

But what makes the deal more interesting is that Samsung’s new Chromebook will a convertible device with detachable keyboard. This has been spotted in the codes which signifies a shift of power from base, which will be the detachable keyboard. One could easily guess that detaching the keyboard will switch the device to a tablet mode, like we have in other Chromebooks which transforms when being folded.

That makes better sense. No one wants to carry some extra weight and make their device bulky when being used in the tablet mode. A detachable keyboard will make sure users aren’t bothered by the size of the device when being used as a tablet.

With the jump to the Chromium Repository, Samsung also makes sure that its new 2-in-1 will be capable of running Android applications at full size. Other details aren’t available yet, except for that it will be housing Intel Kaby Lake processor. It’s fair to assume that the development is still in its early stage. So don’t expect this new convertible Chromebook to pop-up before 2018.

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