Google Allo Latest Update to Offer Contact Sharing and Camera Effects

November 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Every new update for Google Allo brings something interesting apart from just bug fixes. It appears like Google won’t be changing that with its upcoming update, i.e. v23 of Google Allo.

Google has kick-started the gradual rollout of its latest update for Google Allo that adds new features including camera effects and contact sharing. Additionally, the version will also add audio transcriptions along with other changes.

Filters are something that have been long-anticipated for a launch in Google Allo, and it seems like Google is finally stepping closer to unveiling it, according to the apk teardown. New effects like blurring and zoom will be introduced as icons in the app around the camera pop-up, which lets you record short clips.

Apart from the aforesaid, there will also be a kaleidoscope filter to stylize your camera shots. Additionally, users will also be able to overlay emojis and other animations over the video. Most of these effect will come as add-ons, meaning you have to download them before you can have them applied. Meanwhile, users will be able to share multiple images through Allo like in Google Photos. Photos can be selected to both individuals and group contacts after previewing them.

The latest version also will finally trigger the audio transcription, the resources for which were bundled in the previous update. With the final touch-up, users will also be able to turn it off under the settings. Another feature included in the update is the ability to share contacts apart from documents and locations. It needs to be seen whether you can send any contacts from your phonebook or just the ones present in Allo. But a reference to vCard in the coding suggest that you will be able to send all your contacts.

Apart from all the above features, the update will also bolster the notification for in-app file sharing and new icon for the image dock. Allo’s latest update is gradually being rolled out to users across the globe. So keep checking the app store to check if it has arrived for you.

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