Google’s New UI Adapts to the Way You Are Travelling

November 18, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is updating Google Maps with a new look that will automatically decide what to highlight according to the mode of navigation. The latest set of features will be coming out to all the platforms, regardless of whether you are accessing the service through Google Assistant, Android Auto, web or smartphone apps.

When navigating in explore, driving or transit mode, Google will automatically highlight those places which it feel relevant to the user queries. Say you are in the driving mode, and Google Maps will have the gas stations highlighted. Similarly, users can also have the train stations highlighted when in transit mode.

In addition to the above feature, Google Maps is also improving the overall UI by adding a brighter color scheme along with new icons. The palette has been made brighter, and icons have been tweaked corresponding to places and business categories. Google believes that the new color scheme will help users to quickly identify the specific points of interests from map.

Each category will have its own designated color schemes, like having all the places under Food & Drink category painted orange in the map. Google is also rolling out separate color schemes for other categories including shopping, health, entertainment, services, transport etc., with each representing a distinct color to help you quickly identify the spots.

Google will be rolling out the color scheme initially to Maps on mobile, web and other products that integrate Maps like Search, Earth, Android Auto and the Assistant. It will be followed by the rollout of new Google Maps API to let third-party websites incorporate the new change.

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