Android Oreo’s Latest Version to Arrive with Automatic Space Saver

November 17, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Space saving can often get messier, especially in devices with low storage. But thanks to a new feature that you can now forget about one area of space clearing if you are using Android Oreo.

According to the latest spotting, version 8.1 of Android Oreo will be hitting with a new space saving feature that will be automatically turned on in the OS. The space saver will be triggered automatically once it detects a dearth in storage space of the device.

While we do have many of the tweaked versions of Android offering alerts to clear junk files and caches when it gets clumsy, it will be better to have a feature that automatically does it for us, and that too, without affecting what we access the most. That’s because the new space saver will clear only cache from those apps that are remaining unused for some time.

Say if you are using Chrome a lot, your cache data including images and saved states will remain there to help you resume your multitasking. And instead, the feature will clear up data from only those apps which you haven’t been using for a while.

The chunk of space you can save with the feature depends on your app using habits. Apps like Chrome use a heavy share of cache mostly, but we barely tend to omit Chrome from our daily app usage lists. But it could come handy in case we are switching to other browsers.

The same applies for all the other apps. The feature comes automatically enabled in the pure version, but it will be available only after it gets enabled manually by OEMs.

Additionally, the latest version of Oreo, which is yet to hit the devices, will also feature a new battery alert system that will highlight apps that consume excessive battery power. The version will also add the ability to send SMS from Chromebook.

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