Google’s Update for Google Home Lets it Double up as an Intercom

November 14, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has earlier revealed that it would finally let users broadcast messages through Google Home devices with the help of Google Assistant. After one month following the revelation, the feature is finally showing up for all the Google Home users.

A new update has started rolling out that will now let users user their Google Home devices as an intercom with their apartment or house. With the help of Assistant in their smartphones, users will be able to send messages to all the Home devices connected to the network, whether at home or office.

This will let users broadcast messages through voice commands, no matter from where you access the Assistant. That means that users needn’t be at home to get messages broadcast through the intercom network. All you require is an active cell connection to access your Assistant.

The service can be activated by the use of a simple voice command, ‘Ok Google, broadcast’, which is to be followed by the announcement the user wants to make. Once done, the message will be played on all the devices tied to the account.

The initial rollout of the update has already begun, covering the regions of US, Australia, Canada and UK. We will have to wait to see when the service will hit the devices in the rest of the world. The support is limited to English language as of now. But Google has promised to rollout support for more languages in the near future. IN the meantime, we can also expect additional features to get rolled out as hinted by Google in its announcement last month.

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