Samsung Enterprise Edition is Back with Galaxy Note8

November 6, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung has always acknowledged the fact that enterprises and its users demand a different set of features than typical smartphone buyers. This has been made explicit with the company launching dedicated Enterprise editions of its premium Galaxy Note smartphones. After going through an unexpected break, the trend is now getting resumed with the Galaxy Note8.

The South Korean manufacturer has now unveiled a new Samsung Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition that will up the experience for users in managing their business. The Enterprise Edition features similar design and display as that of the regular Note8, and also features the same array of hardware including biometric sensors, dual camera, and S Pen stylus. But on top of that, the device gets packed with an array of features to deliver a more consistent and reliable user experience.

A new streamlined remote device provisioning has been added that comes with configuration and customization capabilities with Knox Configure. This would help in cutting down the on-site set-up time by letting easier and more secure deployment of the device.

Additionally, Samsung will provide its Samsung Enterprise Firmware over the Air update feature for the new smartphone, facilitating a centrally controlled operating system for enterprises. This will be accompanied by scheduled software update support to let enterprise decide the time for rolling out the updates so as to reduce down-time by passing it through personalized tests. Samsung has unlocked the carrier support on Note8 Enterprise Edition to avoid the software variation between carriers.

Galaxy Note has been the natural first choice for the company for an Enterprise Edition, given the focus of the device on productivity and creativity along with Knox security. But it took a hit last year, with the Galaxy Note7 falling into the pit. Now that the Note series has been resurrected, the Enterprise Edition looks most promising than ever. The device will be available through authorized Samsung channel partners for $994.

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