Amazon Wielding Apple ARKit to Offer Virtual Purchase Inside App

November 6, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has given augmented reality the leg-up with the introduction of the new ARkit and additional features with the iPhone X. Many companies and developers have been quick enough to pick it up. Amazon is one among those early-birds who will now be using the resources to enhance the shopping experience of users.

On Wednesday, the e-commerce giant has announced a new in-app feature that will put the ARkit to full use. Called AR View, the new feature will let users virtually purchase items before they make the real purchase. It means that users can visualize the items they want to purchase inside their home through the app camera to make the judgement before they purchase.

The feature is available inside the camera icon in the Amazon app. A wide array of products are currently available in AR view, those ranging from home décor to electronics. Users can select them and have the image overlaid onto their living space through the in-app camera.

The key is to make buyers more informed of purchasing decisions by granting them greater visualization of products. While this has been a common thread for all apps, the squeezing in of AR into the space is expected to reduce confusion and encourage sales.

Amazon, like Apple, has been endeavoring a mission to push AR into the mainstream. The combination of both would certainly galvanize the process, and the prospect looks even brighter with the Apple iPhone X set to come in.

AR View will be available on iPhone 6S and higher devices. Users will have to make sure that they have the latest version of iOS running in their device.

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