Microsoft Winding Up Premium Subscription on

November 3, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has previously indicated through its updates for of one change, the very change that would put an end to all those Premium features. Now, the word is being resonated officially by the company.

The company has revealed that most of its Premium features will be moving to Office 365. The list includes features like tougher email security, ad-free access to web, increased storage, top tier support and more. Now those will be shifted to Office 365, meaning that the paid subscription for users is coming to an end.

The renewal option would still be kept alive. So users will still continue to receive the benefits in case they decide to renew their subscription. But it won’t be allowing new users to get subscribed to the feature anymore.

As with custom email domain, the feature won’t be arriving on Office 365. Microsoft says that it is currently working on a way to get the domain transferred to somewhere else.

The features will show up in Office 3650 gradually, and Microsoft says that it may take up to several weeks for the features to arrive completely on the new platform. The process will start with the roll out to Office 3650 Home and Personal customers.

That said, users will still have their Office 365 subscription linked to one of Microsoft’s email domain, which can be, Hotmail, or MSN if to enjoy the premium features. Additionally, Office 3650 Home and Personal subscribers can also enjoy other features on including scanning for malware threats and fake sites, increased storage of up to 50 GB, and more.

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