WhatsApp Recall Feature is Now Live Along with New In-House Emojis

November 1, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

WhatsApp has long been said to have working on a recall feature that would let users recall send messages before it gets read by the recipient. Now, the feature has gone live on the messenger platform with the arrival of new update that also adds some major visual overhauls.

The recall feature was under beta for a long time, and now that it has started showing up in the stable version, every user will be able to delete send messages within a specific time. The feature, called ‘Delete for Everyone’ is available along with the normal delete option which you can find by holding the respective message.

But except for every message, this option will show up only for those messages that have been sent not before seven minutes in addition to the requirement that the message should remain unread. This is contrary to the delete for everyone option offered by other messengers like Viber, which deletes messages for everyone regardless of the duration or whether it has been read by the recipient.

Alongside, WhatsApp is also finally parting ways with the iOS scheme of emojis to put up new in-house set of emojis. The new set closely resembles the one offered by Apple, but it will offer the app a new appeal after having used the Apple emojis ever since its inception.

The new updates are rolling out slowly to the users. So don’t worry if you haven’t yet received the update. Just keep checking the respective app store to grab the update once it becomes available.

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