Microsoft Working on a Digital Journal with Foldable Displays

October 31, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

ZTE had kick-started a new trend among smartphones by introducing the ZTE Axon M with two displays that can be folded. But ZTE is not the first company that conceived this idea. Instead, the birth of it dates back to Courier, a foldable device with two screens from Microsoft that was meant to be a digital journal.

Courier, as per the then leaks, featured two bigger displays that could be folded over like a book and use it the same way with the help of the accompanying stylus pen. But it never made it to the market, despite drawing interests from many. Now, it seems like Microsoft is reviving the very project.


According to a new report, Microsoft is working upon a new device that can be folded and used like a ‘digital book’, aided by the use of digital ink. If reports are to be believed, the device would be made available in the markets by as early as 2018.

This is backed by the previous reports that highlighted a patent filing of Microsoft, which was related to a foldable phone. It’s still not clear whether the newly reported device would be the same as those in the patents, given the Notebook nature of a Courier-like device.

The device will though deviate from the standard Notebooks, with which Microsoft is trying to present a universal approach of Windows 10 via ARM support. Yet, it will still feature the universal Windows apps like OneNote and Edge, given the purpose of the device to serve as a digital journal.

The company will also have an edge over other companies like Lenovo, who have previously tried to come out with similar devices. That’s because of its ability at present to integrate the software and hardware.

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