Google Allo Finally Lets You Manually Crop your Profile Picture

October 30, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Duo recently made news by getting itself integrated with other apps to be the ‘Face Time’ on Android devices. Now it’s time to shift the focus to another app that made its debut alongside, Google Allo.

The WhatsApp-eschew instant messenger is receiving a new update that upgrades the app to version 21. Coming along with the update is a new cropping tool for profile pictures and support for EmojiCompat library.

Until now, Google Allo offered only automatic cropping of images put as display pictures. That was only done during the app’s initial setup process. That’s about to change with the new update as Allo will now let manual cropping of profile pictures.

The option will be available before a profile picture is set like in most of the app. The interface will be shown below in the screenshots. To be honest, it was quite surprising that an app from Google which desired to be the first-choice messenger app on all devices survived without this basic feature until now.

Another feature coming to the app is the support for EmojiCompat, which was rolled out earlier for developers. The library will allow Allo to stay on touch with the latest emoji, even if the device doesn’t support those. This means that Allo will no more be showing the “☐” icon, and will instead show the real emoji even if it’s not available on your device.

The new features can be checked by upgrading your app to the latest version from the Play Store. But it’s expected to be a gradual rollout, so it can take some days before it shows up on the app store. Meanwhile, you can have a check at the features by downloading version 21 of Allo from APK Mirror.

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