Google Redesigns Share Sheet inside Google Photos; Rolls Out New Update

October 28, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Photos is receiving a major update this week. Version 3.7 of the app now comes with new features including the ability to recognize pets from your images and retention of initial share messages. But alongside, the app is also receiving a server-side upgrade that redesigns the in-built share sheet of the app.

Google Photos, unlike other apps, comes with its own share screen omitting the Android Share sheet that’s used by most of the non-Google apps. However, it had been causing inconvenience to the users with its larger presentation of apps and contacts list.

The in-built share screen, similar to Direct Share, came with an additional search bar that let you scroll through the contacts. This, combined with the app lists took up a major portion of the screen, squeezing the app’s photo picker to a small space on top. This has troubled the users who wanted to pick and share multiple photos at a time.

The latest update addresses this issue by redesigning the share sheet and making it more compact. The share screen now offers new carousels for both contacts and apps, giving more elbow room to the image picker. Images now appear larger and fills the screen better. The full list of the apps appear in the bottom carousel, with the row above it featuring a more button at the far right to give access to more contacts.

The update is a server-side one, which means that you can get the features running on v3.6 of the app. Google has alongside added v3.7 update that brings in new features to the app. One is the ability to recognize pets from the gallery for easier grouping, similar to how it does with friends and family.

The app will now recognize specific dogs or cats if the images have a clear shot of their face. Users will be able to label them by name and search for them just like how they can do with people when looking for pictures of them.

Besides, the update also treats initial share message as a first comment in the album when they are shared directly. Initial share messages were wiped out until now once the invitation was accepted. You can check the new features by updating your app to the latest version from Google Play.

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