Razer Unveils New Webcam and Microphone for On-the-Go Streamers

October 24, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Razer wants to be a popular choice among buyers in a segment where it’s not much popular for; streaming. As a result, the company has launched two new devices that have been crafted for on-the-go streamers.

The first is the new Razer Kiyo webcam, which comes with an adjustable ring light packed with twelve white LEDs. The ring can be used to set the brightness to up to twelve levels. While that looks impressive on paper, it remains a fact that not many streamers right now are struggling with lighting issues. Still, there might be some out there who would wish for it.

The Kiyo packs a four-megapixel camera that can record 1080p videos at 30fps or 720p videos at 60fps. Razer also assures compatibility with popular streaming tools like XSplit and Open Broadcaster. The USB 2.0 cable comes braided and is lengthy enough to let you skip the tension of having short cables.

The next is a portable microphone, called Razer Seiren X. Razer’s previous Seiren Elite is still struggling to find a space in a market that’s dominated by the Blue Yeti. However, with Seiren X, Razer is adding an edge to its device: portability.

Seiren X measures only nearly half of Blue Yeti, yet it offers stability with its mechanical fastening that dampens vibrations. The accompanying desk stand is a removable one too. As with audio quality, Razer is yet to prove its worth, but the company says that it has improved its record, with the Seiren X featuring zero latency monitoring to get rid of the audio lag.

The webcam looks good in theory, but it faces an uphill battle for adoption, as most popular streamers don’t seem to have any major lighting problems and therefore, might not need a selfie light. A lot of Razer’s older streaming equipment, like its original Razer Seiren Elite microphone, don’t have the best reputation for quality either. Many gamers prefer the Blue Yeti for a microphone but still get Razer mice and mechanical keyboards.

Razer has worked closely with popular YouTube and Twitch streamers to fine tune the two new products, both for the inputs as well as with the early prototypes. The devices will be arriving at online and physical stores by the end of this year, with both of them bearing a price-tag of $99.99.

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