You Can Now Try Android Apps before Installing them via Google Play

October 23, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instant Apps is showing up its true potential. While the service has been available until now scattered, it finally is showing up on where it is supposed to be deployed – Google Play.

Announcing a number of updates to the Google Play app store, Google has revealed that Play Store will now let users to try the apps before having them installed on their devices. The service will make use of the Android Instant Apps technology that partially downloads data so as to render the app on the device, without downloading the entire data required for the app.

The new option will be available alongside the app pages of supported apps on Google Play via a new ‘Try it Now’ button. Indeed, it’s a much better way to check the apps by trialing it than from judging it through the images and videos showcased. As of now, there is only a small collection of apps that support the new feature, but it will definitely get expanded over time.

Google is also bringing in additional changes to the app store. A new home for Games within the app store will now showcase trailers and screenshots of gameplay of the games listed. The section will be split soon to make paid games distinguished from the rest along with upcoming and trending games.

The Live Operations banner is also getting refined to accelerate the alerts for in-game events of the installed games. This will let users to stay in touch with the app after the initial install. Google has also slashed the subscription fee for subscribers from 30 to 15 percent, falling in line with the charges levied by Apple for the App Store.

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