Alexa Will Now Guide You from Your Moto Z Smartphones, Thanks to New Smart Speaker Mod

October 23, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Alexa is tapping into Android ecosystem through whatever means it can. After having made its way to the inside of smartphones courtesy of manufacturer tie-ups, it’s now making its way on to the exteriors.

Sounds confused? Well, let us explain. The much beloved personal assistant from Amazon will be now coming out inside the new Moto Mods that are being made available for Moto Z smartphones.

It’s basically the Soundboost 2 speaker mod that’s already available, except for that the new one, called Moto Smart Speaker, will arrive with Alexa onboard. Coming along with Alexa is the blue LED ring, which you can find on the actual Echo speakers.

Sure, it’s a great step for Alexa to get inside more and more devices. But it needs to be seen how valuable the device would be for the money spent by the buyer. That’s because the Moto Smart Speaker mod is priced at $149, which is nearly the double of what you spent for the same without Alexa and the blue ring LED. For that price, you could also buy the original Echo Alexa for $99 and still have money left to purchase maybe an Echo Dot.

As it seems, Moto Smart Speaker should excite only those who crave for Alexa on almost anything they use. Having Alexa work with a device of cellular connectivity is worth a try, but just to point out, there’s already Google Assistant on those Moto Z devices on which they would be packing the new mod.

Alexa is also making news with one of the other Moto smartphone. Moto X4, which already has Alexa on-board, has now been put up for pre-orders, and it will be up there until October 26 for $400.

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