ZTE Axon M Brings in Two Screens on a Single Device

October 21, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have seen plenty of dual-screen devices, the most popular of which is the range of devices from Yota. But those were a mix of a primary display with an e-ink display. ZTE now wants to produce a similar device, but by replacing the e-ink with a fully functional LCD display, and with more productivity.

The newly announced Axon M from ZTE is the one that now features a new design in the world of smartphones. With two displays on front and rear side of the device, the Axon M comes with hinges in between that transforms it into a flip phone.

Flip the rear display, and what you get is a bigger tablet-akin device on which apps can be run simultaneously using the Android split-screen. But if you want to have even bigger contents, you can also expand the app to make it use both the screens together and run on tablet mode.

It’s similar to how Samsung is said to be crafting out its first foldable smartphone that can double up as a tablet. But the hinges and other factors may just prove to be a blot in the device run. The Axon M’s rear-facing 52-inch display sits right on the rear face of the device, which might make it inconvenient to be placed on a table. Even barring that, the device has its own issues when being used as a single screen device.

The two screen jointly gives a thickness of 12mm to the device, and it’s close to 250grams in weight. To compare, that’s nearly double the weight of Google Pixel. So ZTE Axon is purely for those who are ready to compromise those in trade of a bigger display view, though in a bizarre manner.

We need to see how many would be willing to take up that, as Axon M follows a path laid by Kyocera Echo in 2011. The dual-screen device back then failed miserably to make an impact in the markets. ZTE, however, strongly believes that the evolution of software will give the upper edge to ZTE Axon M.

Putting aside all those, the ZTE Axon M does feature a range of solid specification that includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, 4GB RAM, and a 20MP camera. It features a 3180mAh battery. Though that might sound dubious for a device with two displays, ZTE says that it can safely take you through a day’s run.

Pricing of the device is yet to be out, and we expect the device to be placed close to other premium devices from ZTE. It will be available in US with AT&T before the end of the year.

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