Facebook is Officially Rolling Out Explore Feeds for All

October 21, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you were not aware, Facebook, for some time, has been featuring a feed alternate to its normal News Feed. You might not have noticed it until now, as the feature was only being tested among a few users. But from now on, everyone can access the new feed section inside Facebook.

With alternate, we don’t want to mean that it will be replacing your current News Feed in Facebook. Instead, it will be just a supplementary feed for those who want to take a new route inside the social media and find out other relevant contents.

The Explore feed, as it is called, will show discovery-oriented contents stacked in a similar way to that of News feed. This would bring up relevant contents from Pages to which users aren’t connected yet following requests from many users. It will also include recommended Facebook posts which often pops up in your regular News Feed. The contents will obviously be based on your like, share and comment history inside the social media.

It also seems like Facebook isn’t giving much focus on the launch, as it has been launched without any fanfare. Besides, the feature is also not highlighted, and it’s buried down the options along with other options like Events, Pages, Moments, Jobs, Recommendations and the rest. So it wouldn’t be easy for the unaware ones to spot the new feature.

The Explore Feed is available on all devices including Android and iOS platforms under the see more options inside the hamburger menu. You can also access the feature on desktop, which wasn’t under any test and is being put straight away.

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