WhatsApp Now Lets You Share Real Time Location for a Set Duration

October 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Close on heels of what rival apps started doing, WhatsApp too has introduced the feature of real time location sharing in the instant messenger app. Called Live Location, the feature has been introduced both on the Android and iOS version of the app.

Live Location on WhatsApp borrows its features from Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging app from parent company Facebook. Live Location will let users share their real time location for a specific duration that can be set by the users.

Until now, WhatsApp has only allowed users to share their live location at a time, revealing only a fixed location whenever accessed by the second party. This doesn’t let user track the location of the sender on real time basis.

The real time location can be shared with an individual, or with a selective group of contacts or the entire contacts within a group chat. Users can enable the sharing right within an individual chat or group chat. The feature can be accessed under the ‘Location’ in the attach button. A Share Live Location option will be available, with which you can set the timer and duration for the sharing of location.

WhatsApp also offers support of multiple users, with which it will display the location of multiple users in a single window of map. The respective location will be displayed as distinct icons on the map.

Similar to its message functions, the Live Location will be end-to-end encrypted. The timer will also serve as a security function, with options for users to end the sharing before the set duration expires.

Earlier, Facebook too has introduced similar location sharing feature in May with its Messenger app on iOS and Android platforms. Keep checking the page on your app store to know if the feature has become available for your device.

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