Microsoft Surface 2 Laptop is For Those Who Crave Performance

October 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The long wait is finally over. The official successor to the Surface laptop has just been revealed by Microsoft, and it has been designed with a view of bridging the gap between desktops and laptops.

The convertible laptop features upgraded specifications to offer maximum computing powers that can be obtained in a laptop. With an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 in its heart, the Surface 2 packs alongside Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU with 2GB of graphics memory.

There’s also a bigger Surface this year. Apart from the conventional 13-inch display size, Surface 2 also features a bigger 15-inch model that also features fans on the base of the laptop. That’s required, because the higher model has been designed keeping in mind the advancements in the field of AR, VR and mixed reality.

For that cause, it features the Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU with 6gigs of graphics memory. With that said, the bigger version of the Surface 2 is also ready for Windows Mixed Reality Ultra, and also comes with support for Xbox One controllers, wireless headsets, and VR gears.

A standard USB-C port also finds place on both the device, and that’s in addition to USB-A ports, SD card slot, and the Surface Connector. Microsoft also claims a better battery life for both the devices. Surface 2 is expected to deliver up to 17 hours of battery life, which is just slightly less than double the count offered by MacBook Pro, which also is less performing on table.

Surface 2 will start retailing at physical and online retails of Microsoft from November 16. Buyers can pre-order the units a week ahead. The 13-inch model starts at $1499, while the bigger Surface 2 will retail at prices starting at $2499.

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