Google Takes down Calorie Estimates from Maps on iOS Following Backlash

October 19, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has many a time succeeded in loading much alluring features on Maps. But sometimes, things just go worse. The case with the recently introduced calorie estimate was one such bad

Google has announced that it is taking down the newly introduced feature of estimating calorie burnt following inside Google Maps on iOS.

Google has introduced the feature only a week ago on Google Maps for iOS. The basic aim was to display the amount of calories one could burn by walking when they set the route. In other illustration, it also showed us how many mini cupcakes those calories were worth.

But rather than amusing the users, it appears Google has just managed to annoy them by introducing the new feature. While some has criticized for the way Google estimates the calories, some were just too reluctant to accept health advice on a navigation app. Besides, there also appeared no option to turn it off.

There were shots fired by even the critics, who viewed upon the negative impact one can stumble upon because of excessive calorie tracking. Some has related it to even as the hallmark of eating disorders and anxieties.

For those who found the service to be good, you can now switch to other alternates. Indeed, you can find nearly a dozen of apps that offer calorie burning estimates according to your walking or cycling data observed from navigation. MapMyFitness is one such app that has been offering the service for quite some time, but there are plenty more in the stores too.

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