Canon G1 X Mark III Unwrapped, First Ever Compact Zoom with APS-C sensor

October 19, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Canon has promised to introduce the APS-C sensor to compact shooters, and here they are fulfilling those. The company has launched the new PowerShot G1 X Mark III compact zoom camera, which is the first in the category to feature the APS-C sensor.

Borrowing a larger sensor from the EOS 80D DSLR, the G1 X Mark III packs a 24.3 MP sensor. The 24-72mm f/2.8-536 lens is however shorter, and slower compared to the previous 24.120mm f/2.0-3.9 zoom lens that was employed in the previous model. But the larger image circle explains why they had to do the compromise.

The camera also features a new 2.36 million OLED electronic viewfinder that was so longed by the fans. Alongside, there’s a 3.0-inch vari-angle touch display that with touch and drag autofocus. That would help you get the right focus with your fingers on the screen even without taking your eyes off the viewfinder.

The all new panoramic mode can now stitch up to seven photos together, both vertically and horizontally. A new time-lapse also finds place that can automatically fix the exposure and intervals for you.

There are a few disappointments however despite improvements in focus speed for stills and videos. That includes the limitation of videos to 1080p at 60fps. Indeed, 4K and 120 fps pair have already captured a fair space in the segment, and this would be a letdown when being weighed on with rival entries.

The pricing has also gone up, and the G1 X Mark III costs a staggering $1299. That price-tag can seem reasonable for some, given the inclusion of WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth compatibility. And beyond all, it’s the only compact one you can have with the APS-C sensor, so it’s up to the buyer to do the judgement.

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