You Can Now Control Chromecast with Google Assistant in Your Smartphone

October 18, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has cracked the puzzle finally. You will now be able to control your Chromecast devices right through your smartphone, thanks to the upgradation of Google Assistant on smartphones.

Despite being able to play around with more than a few devices, Google Assistant never quite found its way around Chromecast, at least from smartphones. This is what Google has finally got rid of. With the new update, users will be able to control both music and video streaming in your Chromecast using the Assistant app on your smartphone.

The control includes all the normal abilities like skipping songs, playing or pausing them, repeating tracks adjusting volumes, and much more. All of these also works fine with video playbacks. And not just that, you can also select which Chromecast you want to get controlled or send your media to. That’s much required, since Chromecast fans often multiply their Chromecast units by getting them connected to multiple devices including TVs, speakers, and more.

It was indeed surprising as of why the feature wasn’t yet available on phone, despite Google Assistant being able to tap into Chromecast from Google Home speakers. That was probably coupled with the fragmentation of the capabilities of the assistant depending upon the device it’s being used upon.

But it’s always good to see the digital assistant showing equal capabilities across all platforms, as it is the case now with the Chromecast and Assistant. Yet, there’s plenty to cover for Assistant regarding the division of its other skills. Hope Google lays down the solution just like it did for the above.

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