Samsung Galaxy S9 Likely to Ditch Fingerprint Sensors in Favor of Facial Recognition

October 16, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Galaxy S9 is still months away, but there have been plenty of rumors going around the next flagship from Samsung. Of those, the latest to have hit the headlines is the claims that point towards a Face ID alternate in the Samsung device.

The info comes from Twitter leaker Ice Universe who has simply put it up that the upcoming Galaxy S9 device will be housing a 3D front camera sensor. That’s something which we have been hearing for some time, although if not along with a Samsung device.

Earlier, reports have surfaced about Sony working upon incorporation of true 3D sensors that would finally crack the face scanning feature in an Android. It needs to be seen whether Samsung is following the same path, but at least it highlights that it will be integrated with the front camera, which could also open up other possibilities in the device.

Point-to-point face recognition could find use in multiple services in an Android ecosystem. But above all, this could finally remove the fingerprint sensors from Galaxy S9, similar to how Apple has done away with the Touch ID in iPhone X. That would also mean a deviation in Samsung’s effort of pulling out glass-embedded fingerprint sensors on its flagship. Both of it are a welcome addition, given the weird placing of the fingerprint sensors right now in its flagship devices.

Apart from that, the Galaxy S9 has already been touted to rope in advanced rear cam sensors that would clock the frame rate to as high as 1000. So there’s plenty to look forward in the coming days. The Galaxy S9 will be launched during the early months of next year, falling in line with the annual MWC conference in Barcelona.

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