Google is Integrating Duo with Dialer Apps to Standardize Video Calling in Android

October 16, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

One of Android’s insignificant fault was the absence of a default video calling option. But thanks to a new integration by Google that it’s finally about to get changed.

Google has decided to make things easier for Android users by integrating its default dialer app with Google Duo. This would mean that users will now be able to directly make video calls from their Dialer app courtesy of Google Duo. The integration would also extend to the stock messages app besides Phone and Contacts app.

The company will kick-start the integration with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, and it will be followed by its rollout to Nexus and Android One devices. This doesn’t come as a surprise either, as Google has earlier disclosed that it would add the ability to upgrade an ongoing voice call to video with just a tap.

Alongside, Google is also working with carrier and device vendors to boost the experience of its new video calling. In effect, the new feature will be working only on those devices in which video call has been made available by the manufacturers despite the feature to be shown up on all devices running Android 7.0 and above.

In its announcement blog, Google has also revealed that video calls will be automatically pushed through ViLTE if both parties are using carrier that supports the same. Despite all the upgrades, Google Duo will still continue to be the default video calling app, through which the aforesaid apps will be placing the video calls.

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