Apple’s Upcoming iPhone will Feature Foldable Display, Courtesy of LG

October 13, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X is yet to hit the markets, but it seems like they are already setting the balls rolling for next big innovations. According to latest reports, Apple is now eyeing to rope in foldable display for one of its upcoming iPhone.

The report comes from Korean site Investor, which also says that Apple will be having LG onboard as its display tech partners. Samsung has a good record of supplying displays for iPhone, which also includes the OLED display for iPhone X. However, Apple is taking a different route this time due to an apprehension of its rival getting ahead in the course.

It’s not for the first time that a flexible display has been paired with an iPhone. Earlier reports have indicated that Apple might be one of the partners of LG, who have showcased a couple of foldable display technology over the past couple of years.

The current task of the Korean company is a dedicated one for Apple, with LG Innotek said to be developing flexible printed circuit board for the same. However, we won’t be treated with the innovation quite soon. Analysts believe that the panel production for iPhone will not commence before 2020, with Samsung set to continue its display supply for iPhone until 2018.

That would mean that Apple’s foldable iPhone would be making its entry possibly after the one from Samsung. Samsung, who has been working with the technology for quite some time, is all poised to launch its foldable smartphone by next year. If those stays true, Apple will be late in showing off, but it can still make it up, just like it’s expected to do with the iPhone X in terms of edge-to-edge technology.

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