Facebook’s Oculus Event Unveils New Standalone VR Gear

October 12, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Oculus’ Rift has been here for years, and since its introduction, we have seen dynamic changes subsequently with the introduction of standalone VR gears. Now Facebook is taking a leaf of those and is coming up with its first ever standalone VR headset under the Oculus brand.

The new VR headset, called the Oculus Go, will be made available by the start of next year and will be available for a price of $199. That’s less than half of the current price at which the bigger Oculus is retailing. And for that cut, you will have the freedom of getting unwired from devices as well.

Oculus Go, as said earlier, will be a standalone wireless headset that will be relying on mobile devices for its visual input. That’s certainly a compromise, and you can expect scaled down resolution and VR experience compared to that of the original Oculus. But still, it’s a good move by the company to get into a broader range of consumers.

Coupling this along with the ongoing VR developments in Facebook will sure give a boost to their current pursuit of bringing out the best of VR to the mass. Facebook has recently showcased the applications of Facebook Space, a VR platform that was launched last year to make the virtual ecosystem more riveting, and useful.

Facebook has also revealed a permanent price-cut for the Oculus Rift, which will now be retailing at a price of $399 instead of the original $499 price tag. The company is also working on another stand-alone headset, dubbed Project Santa Cruz, whose details are however limited as of now. The device is expected to make its debut alongside dedicated controllers, and will be a more powerful standalone device compared to the entry-level Oculus Go.

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