Alexa Can Distinguish Your Voice to Get Personalized for You

October 12, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is one small contrast that draws the line between the digital assistants in smartphones and smart speakers. While you can call the former as a true ‘personal’ assistant, the latter can never quite be the same, unless obviously you are leaving alone.

That’s why when Google introduced the Google Home speakers, they upped the game by introducing voice recognition to let users tune the assistant for various users using the device. It has been something which Amazon missed out, but it’s now making it up for that with the introduction of voice recognition and additional features in Alexa.

With the latest improvement, Alexa will now be able to recognize individual voices and differentiate them so that it stays personalized as per the tastes of the users accessing the device. This will let the device cater distinctly for all the members of your home.

That include calendar briefing, curated music playlists, contacts identification when placing a call, and much more. The feature is being rolled out to the original Echo as well as the Echo Dot and Echo Show speakers.

Creating a voice profile isn’t a hectic task, and Alexa requires just ten phrases to be read aloud by you so as to distinguish your voice from the rest. A voice profile will be setup once you are done with the phrases, and it will be working well with most of the third-party Alexa enabled devices too.

Alexa promises to improve its voice recognition over time, making it smarter so as to get it applied to further more areas. With that said, we believe Alexa will be showing off the same prowess in other devices which doesn’t support the feature now, like the Fire TV remote to name one.

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