This App for Android can Integrate Google Assistant with Your Apple AirPods

October 11, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple products seldom come designed to work with products out of its ecosystem. But there are some that are anomalies. The Apple AirPods is one such device that can tap into an external platform, but with caveats.

Indeed, this is not an out of the box feature. Apple has introduced the AirPod primarily for the iPhone devices that lacked the headphone jack.

That said, it also included features to access the personal digital assistant Siri with the use of the wireless buds. This is what can be replicated now on Android OS, thanks to this new app from DotArrow.

Called AirpodsForGA, this little app will help you pair up your AirPods with Android and tap into Google Assistant just like you do it with Siri on an iPhone.

Just double tap on either of the buds after having the apps installed, and Google Assistant will be right there to help you up with your queries. And all these can be performed without having to root your device.

Not everyone will be having a mix of Apple AirPods and an Android device, but for those having it both, it’s worth a try. But keep in mind that there might be some issues cropping up, the most serious of which is its inability to tap into Google Assistant when unlocked.

That’s an issue which doesn’t pop up always, but do not expect the AirPods to feature the same functionality that it would provide with an iPhone. But putting that aside, it shows a greater reliability when the device is locked.

You can get the app on your device from the Play Store, where it has been downloaded not many a times, but still has got some solid backing through the words of mouths.

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