After Echo, it’s Now Echo Show that Google Wants to Beat

October 4, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s Home speakers were a direct rival to Amazon’s Echo speakers. But that was just the beginning. Now, Google could be in for yet another battle in the market if new reports are to be believed.

As per details revealed by insiders, Google is now working on a new tabletop speaker that will be powered by Google Assistant. That should sound similar to Google Home, but the biggest addition here is a 7-inch screen, making it a direct competitor for the Echo Show by Amazon.

To recall, the Echo Show too features a 7-inch screen with the help of which the Alexa powered device performs a host of functions apart from music playback including video conference and video streams. Google will follow a similar path by letting users perform additional features including the aforesaid along with the rest.

For that matter, Google will be surfacing the device with Android so as to let developers churn out apps for the new device. Indeed, the aim will be to bring out more media related apps including the video streaming ones like Netflix. Apart from that, Google will have its own bunch of apps pre-installed in the device.

Besides, the device, codenamed ‘Manhattan’, will also be doubling up as a hub for smart home control. Google is currently said to be working on building partnerships for expanding the list of compatible home devices. This very fact could push the release of the device to next year, but Google might want to release it earlier, especially with Amazon having upgraded its Echo devices this week.

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