Meet Amazon’s Completely Refreshed Lineup of New Echo Devices

September 29, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon has expanded its range of Alexa-powered Echo devices by introducing a few alongside upgrading the existing one. With the addition, Echo devices are now taking the bold step of jumping into smart home control rather than just voice controlled smartphone-aided utilities.

The new additions include a bigger Echo Plus speaker device, Echo Connect, Echo Spot and new Echo buttons to control all your Echo devices. This will be lining up in the market alongside the updated new Echo speaker and the already available Echo Show and Echo Dot devices.

The Echo Plus is the device that takes Amazon to the smart hub world with its support for over 100 companies dealing with home appliances. The launch offer will also give away a set of Philips Hue smart LED with the bundle that costs $150.

With the Echo Plus taking falling in line with the dimensions of the Original Echo speakers, Amazon has decided to upgrade the Echo to give it a trimmed look, cutting its dimensions by 3.35-inches to make it measure 5.9-inches in size. The speaker also has improved in terms of enhanced noise cancellation and beamforming technology. In addition, they also get to swap their shells like Google Home speakers. The speaker will go on sale on October 31 with a price-tag of $99.

The Echo Spot is the younger sibling to the Echo Show that offers video-calling and streaming facilities. Basically, it’s an alarm clock that come with tiny 2.1-inch screen to let users perform video calls or monitor their security cam footages. The device will only be available in December, with pre-orders already being accepted for a price of $130.

Echo Connect is the cheapest of the new devices introduced. With a price-tag of $35, Echo Connect is another push from Amazon to take control of all your home devices, with the device in focus being landline in the case of the mentioned. Echo Connect will let you connect it to your landline/VoIP and Wi-Fi to let calls be handled through this tiny device. Alexa will tell you whose calling, and you can decide whether to pick up calls or not through simple voice commands.

The last of the new batch, the Echo Button is a set of tiny button shaped similar to Echo Dot to let you control Echo devices with greater force. That includes support for gaming on Echo devices using the Echo Button. With plenty of games about to release for the Echo-powered devices, the Echo Button appears a perky deal for $20 that will hand you a pack of two Echo Buttons.

It’s not just the number of devices that reflect the significance of the announcement. But Amazon is clearly prepped up to spruce into the smart home hub market ahead of Google and Apple, both of whom who yet holds an upper hand with their disposal of smartphones.

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