Twitter is Granting Double Power over Characters in Tweets; Here’s How to try it

September 28, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There have been more than plenty of rumors regarding the axing of the 140-character limit on Tweets for over years. But it seems like things are finally taking good shape.

Twitter is currently experimenting the usage of bigger tweets that will let usage of up to 280 characters. That’s exactly double the limit to which tweets were confined to until now.

The feature is now being tested within select users, so not everyone would be able to get a chance to try larger tweets, at least as of now.  But if you are willing to put some vigor, you could experience the new upgrade without any wait too.

Just a couple of workarounds with your browser would get the trick done. An easy option would be to install Tampermonkey and have the script button installed. The latter can be done by heading to this Github repository. Make sure that the same is enabled in Tampermonkey.

That’s not the sole method to get the new limit activated on tweets through your browser. For those who prefer not to have additional apps installed, you could grab the new tweet limit by tweaking some settings in Chrome. But make sure you get it done quickly, as Twitter might have already triggered the methods to bring those down.

As with the new Tweet limit, there’s no word on when the feature will be going official. But we can expect the rollout to be cross-platform, including expanded tweet support on Android and iOS apps.

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