Mozilla’s Latest Developer Version Loads Pages in a Flash

September 28, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Speed is essentially the end-word when it comes to browsers. No matter what all additions a browser offers, a user always lists his preference on the basis of how quick it gets the web pages loaded. For that matter, Mozilla’s developments are something worth noticing.

The latest developer version of its Firefox browser, called the Quantum preview, gives us a glimpse of how well they have fine-tuned the browser to make it twice quick as it was before. With what’s on paper, the Quantum version yields 66 runs per minute on the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark, which is more than twice what’s offered by the latest stable version of Firefox, which is v32.0.

Real results may vary depending upon several parameters, but it still will take you close to double the current speeds, which is heavily impressive. And the works behind hasn’t been easy either. Mozilla has rebuilt the entire codes for its new developer version from ground, and has also underwent over 400 therapies to the performance-sapping bugs.

In addition to those, Quantum preview also ups the overall experience by improving the responses to actions like mouse clicks and scrolls. The user interface has also been renewed to make it fall in line with the improvements made.

There’s no word on when the stable version will be released. But till then, you could have the dev version downloaded if you are willing to experience stupendous speeds at the cost of stability. And that’s the better part; by the time it fixes all the bugs and makes it stable, we are sure the speed results will only be bettered.

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