Samsung to Join List of Vendors Offering Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

September 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft will soon have its Mixed Reality headsets unleashed to the market. With the release date getting closer, it appears like there are more big names onboard than the ones that were initially revealed.

According to a new leak, Samsung too is planning to introduce Mixed Reality headset powered by Windows. A potential image of the device was also leaked which shows the new gear powered by headsets from AKG, similar to the ones offered by Oculus Rift.

Little is known about the specification of the device, but it’s expected to feature the same six degree-of-freedom tracking that will be offered by the headsets from Microsoft. Alongside, we can also expect motion controllers to be bundled along with the headset.

We would come to know more about it possibly next week, during when Microsoft will be shedding light over its upcoming range of Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Hopefully, we could see Samsung’s device onboard as well.

The new range of Mixed Reality headsets from Microsoft will be subsequently launched next month in line with the rollout of Windows 10 Fall Creator’s update, which will be on October 17th. There will be a bunch of headsets rolled out from various companies including Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus etc. with prices varying with each model.

The cheapest among the lot is the one from Acer that will cost $299. Indeed, Samsung’s gear won’t arriving that cheap, and we can expect it to go beyond $500 given the additional hardware it’s using. Samsung is also likely to unveil the headset later following the likes of Asus, who won’t be bringing out their Windows Mixed Reality before spring.

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