Apple Drops Bing Search in Favor of Google in Siri and Spotlight

September 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Users carrying out searches on Siri and Spotlight will now be provided with results from Google, thanks to a recent update that puts Google’s engine in charge of the searches carried out through the digital assistant.

Apple has revealed that from now on, both Siri and Spotlight on Mac will be using Google’s search engine to perform searches rather than relying on Bing, with the help of which it has been delivering the results until now. Both Siri and Spotlight will still continue to use Bing, but it would be confined to image results.

As with web and video searches, Siri and Spotlight will have the exact results delivered by Google’s web search engine. Apple has said in its statement that the jump has been made in a bid to rope in more consistency across its platform.

Apple had previously had Google as its default search engine, delivering search results from Google on Safari and other apps on both iOS and Mac. This has been a result of a multi-billion deal between the two tech conglomerates. Though we are not sure if the latest update has anything to do with the deal, it sure will give raise Google as the ultimate search engine in Apple’s ecosystem.

Apart from Siri and Spotlight, searches carried inside iOS by dropping down the search bar will also be performed by Google. The update has already started rolling out to all Apple devices, so expect no delay in the takeover of searches by Google in your device.

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